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ariana Seaside Circuit is a professional-class 1025-meter kart racing circuit, located at Mariana Resort in Marpi, Saipan. Kart racing is pure thrill ! Reach top speeds of 60kph in the Yamaha FK-9 karts. Test your racing skills around high-speed hairpin turns and long straight-aways. For beginners and easy-riders, the "Blue Karts" are available for all the fun, but more stability and lower speeds. Once you get in these karts you won't want to stop!


  Course Price Details
  1 Race $45.00 1set (10min) X 1 (12years Old And Above)
  2 Race $75.00 1set (10min) X 2 (12years Old And Above)
  Child Kart $25.00 3 Round (With Parents)
FK-9 Karts are only for ages 12 years old and above.
Blue karts (3 round in the circuit) for child of 11 years old or less with parent or guardian.
Person under the influence of alcohol cannot drive karts.

Cancellation Charges

50% - After 5:00pm two days to one day before
100% - After 5:00pm one day before to the same day

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