isten to the warm ocean waves washing over the reef. The soothing sound of the sea from your open veranda. Watch the splendor of the setting sun on the Philippine Sea as you relax on your reefside balcony or your cottage veranda.

wesome sunrise behind the Marpi mountains light up the tropical sky and the Philippine Sea to a rich blue, and accents the white cloud with the white sand of Managa Island in the distance.

he Mariana Resort and Spa Reefside rooms are all located ocean front. The horizon is stretch as far as emerald green oceans. All twin room designed for 4 persons. You will be surprised with room size when you stay. Spacious rooms, beautiful hardwood floors, comfortable furnishings, a broad balcony with expansive view onto the Saipan Lagoon.

he Cottages at Mariana Resort and Spa - Holiday cottages in a village setting. Walk among the plumeria and bougainvilla blossoms along a fun pathway. Enjoy private holiday living, and relax on your cottage veranda among the plumeria trees, while enjoying the sunrise or sunset view. Three different cottage designs, Poudouking Villa, Ocean Villa, Mandi suite Villa accommodations.

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