Welcome to Mandi Asian Spa

et us entreat you to a journey of rejuvenation where your mind, body, and spirit can all relax in such perfect harmony in this tranquil paradise of Mandi Asian Spa Mandi Asian Spa is one of the biggest spa and esthete facilities among Micronesian island to provide you with a wide range of services, including a relaxing pool,massage rooms, Jacuzzi, dry sauna, aromatherapy steamed sauna, flower bath, the Puduo King Cafe, and much more! Using Bali style as the main theme, creating whole Southeast Asian atmosphere in the site of Mariana Resort and Spa. Deeply ease your senses and body at Mandi Asian Spa!

Asian Resort Healing

he basic style and philosophy of Asian Resort Healing is "Jamu."."Jamu" is a genetic term of the traditional Indonesian physiotherapy using tropical fruits, spices, and flower, which are grown and produced in Indonesia. These herbal remedies are regenerated human's natural healing power and ease tiredness and stress.

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